Brushed stainless steel Barometer & Clock Pair

SKU: W300SB105W + W300SB5W PAIR

$199 $258

Matching Clock and Barometer pair - SAVE 22% off the full price of $258

 Barometer W300SB105W: 30cm (12") BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL Simplex Barometer with humidity and temperature indicators.  Simple clean design giving useful everyday information. An Aneroid Barometer with an adjustable front pointer for daily checking. A really nice modern design in a chrome steel case with a glass lens that is totally practical and will add a touch of style to any home. 2 year guarantee on the mechanism. Designed for Indoor use. Design by Oliver Hemming 

Clock W300SB5W : 30cm (12") BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL Simplex wall clock with a simple contemporary dial. Real glass lens. Thin front profile and 45mm (1. 3/4") deep case. 2 year guarantee

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