Spiceboy comes in 3 colour choices and this double award winning spice grinder is totally unique with its filling bowl and ceramic mechanism. Ideal for grinding any dried spice this beautiful and tactile grinder is simply the only one to have. Perfect for all spices and rock salts. 5 year guarantee on the grinding parts. 20cm (8") high.

Offering a new approach to spice grinding, replacing the traditional pestle and mortar with a practical and elegant mess free solution, with fully adjustable ceramic grinding parts for a coarse or fine mix, it far surpasses the normal performance of most grinders and is so beautiful and simple to use and refill.


It has a uniquely useful and practical mixing and filling bowl that allows the chef to see the mixture before it is ground.

Spice Boy has corrosion free ceramic parts are guaranteed for 5 years and are suitable for all dried spices as well as sea salt and pepper. Most owners will use it for salt and pepper but the options are limitless. Its also perfect for "sel de Guerande " the favorite sea salt of the French , found in the south of France.

Use the mixing bowl to create fantastic combinations of freshly ground spices and let your imagination run wild exploring the endless possibilities. . .

Color: RED

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