DRAMA QUEEN Bluetooth Speaker TV Soundbar - DQESA


Drama Queen will be available mid 2024. 

DRAMA QUEEN is a bold and beautiful high fidelity stereo bluetooth speaker / TV soundbar for the luxury customer who is looking for something that looks stunning and has a fabulous sound. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 and AptX HD from Qualcomm, it’s stereo performance will seduce your senses in every way. Finished in real ebony veneer, it has an etched stainless steel grille and the seductive curve of its body will add a sculptural focal point to any interior. Fitted with HDMI for TV, it also has an RCA PHONO input for use with an external stereo turntable. 

What is AptX HD ? Qualcomm AptX HD was designed for high resolution audio. This enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth, which means listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music, making it indistinguishable from true high resolution audio.
AptX HD audio is a bit rate efficient technology that ensures you receive high quality audio from your Bluetooth device, so you have a better listening experience, giving you a 12dB improvement to the noise floor. This is great for subtle, high-frequency detail which might get lost under the high noise floor with regular AptX. 

Controls: Power standby and combined Bluetooth pairing, pause play, volume -+

Power output 20W
2.1 Stereo
77mm rubber edge woofer with fiber glass cone
2 x 75mm passive bass radiator
2 x silk dome 43mm tweeter
SNR signal to noise ratio ≥ 85db
DSP enhanced bass technology
Frequency response: 35Hz -20,000Hz
Stainless steel facia grille, MDF cabinet
Class D stereo amplifier with ≤ 0.1% distortion
Bluetooth Qualcomm QCC3031 v5.1
with AptX HD Audio


RCA Phono

Size W X H X D

1000mm x 80mm x 120mm at its maximum
39” x 3” x 5”
Weight 7kg or 15.5Lbs

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