A Pair of Black Robin Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock - RB4B5W

$319 $378

A Pair of Black Robin Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clocks with 2 USB ports for phone charging.

Robin is also now an award winning product and is the baby brother to our Songbird, and is also perfectly designed for any Hotel room as well as your home bedroom.   


Controls: Power, Volume + - Pause / Play , Night light, Snooze,  Alarm set, Time setting.

Alarm Clock : Silent sweep action movement,  3 step ascending alarm tone, Snooze function, Night light, push button activation. One time alarm function so it will auto off after one hour after the alarm sounds.

Audio: Power output 10W,  76mm full range driver, SNR Signal to noise ratio ≥ 95db, 110V / 220V external transformer, DSP enhanced bass technology, Frequency response: 60Hz -18,000Hz, Stainless steel facia grille, Digital amplifier with  ≤ 0.1%,  distortion, Bluetooth v4.0 + EDR with a range of 10M

Sockets : 1 x 5V/2amp USB A and 1 x 5V/2amp USB C connection for high power charging only. 

Size (w x h x d)

180 x 100 x 45mm

Weight  0.8kg

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