Violetta - Bluetooth Speaker Alarm clock


Violetta will be ready in Q3 of 2024 

Violetta is a stylish, budget priced bluetooth speaker alarm clock that has been designed for premium hotels. It has all the specialist hospitality features to make it an outstanding product. With a one time alarm, Bluetooth speaker, USB charging and volume limiter, it’s good looks and world class engineering, simple intuitive controls and great sound will make it hard to beat at it’s price point. 

Black Abs back with brushed anodised aluminium front in midnight grey.

1. Competitive price and big performance
2. One-time alarm function required by most hotels
3. Simple intuitive controls, Bluetooth V5.1 connection
4. 2 year warranty
5. No bright lights at night time, night sensitive auto-dim function.
6. Volume limiter that can reset the volume to 60% of its maximum
7. 10W usb A and C points for charging
8. 10 watts music power and a well balanced tone
9. A built in security tether
10. Rechargeable battery that will power the clock when the room power is off

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